Netflix proves they don’t care. Again.

Zarna Joshi
7 min readMar 28, 2022

Trigger Warning* Rape, pedophilia, incest, rape culture, racism, Holocaust, genocide, slavery, Nazis, ableism. The list goes on and on and on.

Image description: A black and white original photograph of Romani children in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. Two of the children look like they have tan skin tones and are hugging each other with one of them facing the camera and smiling, while another lighter-skinned child looks on, smiling. They are dressed in poor and dirty seeming clothes. Behind them stand others, possibly adults, but only their legs are visible so it’s not clear. The people in the background are wearing boots
Screenshot Romani children in a concentration camp during the Holocaust.

Jimmy Carr is a white male British comedian who has been a vile example of a human his entire career. He’s misogynistic, racist, and spews sexually violent content about raping children and women including disabled women. He’s made jokes about incest such as a true story of a child locked up by her father in a basement so that he could keep her as a sex slave, raping and impregnating her continually for decades. Carr is very proud of not caring about the most vulnerable people’s feelings all while presenting himself as “anti-racist” and “liberal” (he started his Netflix special with a “trigger warning” and comments about how he supported Black Lives Matter). Jimmy Carrs likes also to strongly imply that anyone who disagrees with him is an idiot.

Being British born, I was exposed to his content regularly for years and as a result I’ve not watched him for well over 10 years because of how traumatizing he is to me. I remember one show when he was talking graphically about wanting to have sex with a particular actress and what he wanted to do to her body for his sexual gratification. At no point do I remember him expressing any thought about whether she would consent to have sex with him and enjoy his actions, or if she would consent to him talking about her this way in public for his own profit and the laughter of others. It was the last act of his I ever watched until today when I saw what he’d done and how much worse he’d become. Or maybe he didn’t get worse, maybe I just blocked the full extent of his awfulness from my mind because I couldn’t stand it.

British TV has aired Jimmy Carr’s vileness for years. He was even described as the most “funny” British comedian last year. What does that tell you about British TV, British corporations, and what systems of oppression are operating in Britain right now?

So am I surprised that Netflix UK chose to platform Jimmy Carr of all people? Not at all. He’s exactly the type of person Netflix would chose to platform. If you’ve been paying any attention whatsoever to Netflix’s record of misogynistic, patriarchal, ableist, racist, violent, colonizing, Hinduphobic, transphobic, anti-Black content, you would…

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