Hindu Multiverse Culturally Appropriated for Profit

Because Hollywood’s Hinduphobia runs deep

This is the multiverse theory as described by the Hindu scripture Vishnu Purana thousands of years ago.

Screenshot Hindu God Vishnu emanates all of creation, a multiverse. His cloud blue body lies surrounded by the vastness and colors of space, shining light, while bubbles containing their own Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi seated upon Shesh, the Divine Serpent, emanate from his giant body as different universes all similar and also slightly different.

It describes many universes all emanating from Vishnu and returning to Vishnu, each containing their own Vishnu and Lakshmi who defend and maintain them, creating and destroying, born and reborn again and…



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Zarna Joshi

Writer, organizer, spiritual activist, anti-imperialist, decolonizing smasher of the patriarchy, zarnajoshi.com, zarnajoshi.com/blog