Hindu Multiverse Culturally Appropriated for Profit

Zarna Joshi
3 min readApr 6, 2022

Because Hollywood’s Hinduphobia runs deep

This is the multiverse theory as described by the Hindu scripture Vishnu Purana thousands of years ago.

Screenshot Hindu God Vishnu emanates all of creation, a multiverse. His cloud blue body lies surrounded by the vastness and colors of space, shining light, while bubbles containing their own Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi seated upon Shesh, the Divine Serpent, emanate from his giant body as different universes all similar and also slightly different.

It describes many universes all emanating from Vishnu and returning to Vishnu, each containing their own Vishnu and Lakshmi who defend and maintain them, creating and destroying, born and reborn again and again in a cycle of creation and destruction to which we all belong. And within each Vishnu and Lakshmi dwells each of us.

That’s the Hindu multiverse theory, in a nutshell. Western “scientists” were staggered in the 20th century when they realized all the Hindu theories they’d sneered at for centuries could well be true. Now the west is making Hollywood films about those theories, culturally appropriating Hindu truths, so they can claim Hindu brilliance as their ideas. They’ll avoid looking “racist” by using a Malaysian Chinese actress who has totally bought into her model minority status, erasing Hindus in favor of colonizer supremacy.

So this is yet another example of the colonizers culturally appropriating and profiting from Hindu ideas while erasing Hindus and using a non Hindu, non Indian actor/filmmaker to do so. Just like they did with Avatar The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Star Wars, The Matrix, Avatar, and on and on.

They even have Michelle Yeoh wearing a third eye and it’s funny because it’s a “crazy” eye, see? Because Hindus are “crazy” and they must never be mentioned other than to demonize and mock them.

Screenshot Michelle Yeoh wearing a stickon “crazy eye” on her forehead as if it’s the Hindu third eye in her latest Hinduphobic film, with cuts on her face and blood running down her left temple and from her left nostril. She even has blood on the top of forehead at her hair parting as if it’s a married Hindu woman’s vermillion.

Hindus are thus erased in every way while simultaneously demonized, mocked, slandered.

Meanwhile, the conversation will be about how this is great for racial justice because it’s an Asian woman playing this role, not a white man, and that’s progress, see?

There’s not one thing sacred to these colonizing supremacist Hinduphobes. They exploit for profit while erasing us from any record. This is after Hindus have spent the last 1,000 years being persecuted, genocided, displaced, enslaved, tortured, forcibly converted, raped, mass…



Zarna Joshi

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